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Electoral DivisionZoneLocal Development CompanyTown/ Village
AbbeymahonZone 3SECAD
AdrigoleZone 2Comhar na nOileán TeoTrafrask
Aghadown NorthZone 3SECAD
AdrigoleZone 2Comhar na nOileán TeoAdrigole
Aghadown South (Island Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
Aghadown South (Mainland Portion Only)Zone 3SECADChurch Cross
AhilZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
ArdfieldZone 3SECAD
ArgideenZone 3SECAD
AultaghZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGShanlaragh
BallinadeeZone 3SECAD
BallingurteenZone 3SECAD
BallinspittleZone 3SECAD
BallybaneZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
BallydehobZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
BallyfeardZone 3SECAD
BallyfoyleZone 3SECAD
BallygarvanZone 3SECAD
BallymackeanZone 3SECAD
BallymartleZone 3SECAD
BallymodanZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
BallymoneyZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGBallineen
BallymoneyZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGBallynacarriga
BandonZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGBandon
Bantry Rural/Whiddy (Island Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
Bantry Rural/Whiddy (Mainland Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
Bantry UrbanZone 2Comhar na nOileán TeoBantry
BaurleighZone 3SECAD
BealanagearyZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
BealockZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
Bear (Island Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
Bear (Mainland Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
BoulteenZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
BredaghZone 3SECAD
ButlerstownZone 3SECAD
CaheraghZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
CahermoreZone 3SECAD
Cape Clear (Island Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
Cape Clear (Island Portion Only)Zone 3SECAD
Cape Clear (Mainland Portion Only)Zone 3SECAD
CarrigalineZone 3SECAD
CarrigbaunZone 3SECAD
CarrigboyZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGKilmichael
CashelZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
Castlehaven NorthZone 3SECAD
Castlehaven SouthZone 3SECAD
CastletownZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGCastletown
CastletownZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGCappeen
CastleventryZone 3SECAD
CloghdonnellZone 3SECAD
Clonakilty RuralZone 3SECAD
Clonakilty UrbanZone 3SECAD
CloonkeenZone 3SECAD
CoolaghZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
CoolcraheenZone 3SECAD
CoolmainZone 3SECAD
CoolmountainZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
CoulaghZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
CourtmacsherryZone 3SECAD
CrookhavenZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
CullenZone 3SECAD
CurryglassZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
DerryZone 3SECAD
DouceZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
DrinaghZone 3SECAD
DrinaghZone 3SECAD
Dromdaleague NorthZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
Dromdaleague SouthZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
DunbeaconZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
DunderrowZone 3SECAD
DunmanusZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
Dunmanway NorthZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGDunmanway
Dunmanway SouthZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
Durrus EastZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
Durrus WestZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
FarranbrienZone 3SECAD
GarranesZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
GarrownZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
GlanloughZone 2Comhar na nOileán TeoGlanlough
GlengarriffZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
GoleenZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
GortnascreenyZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
InishannonZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGInnishannon
KealkillZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
KilbrittainZone 3SECAD
KilbroganZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
KilcaskanZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
KilcatherineZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
KilcoeZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
KilfaughnabegZone 3SECAD
KilkerranmoreZone 3SECAD
KillaconenaghZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
KilleenleaghZone 3SECAD
Kilmaloda EastZone 3SECAD
Kilmaloda WestZone 3SECAD
KilmonogeZone 3SECAD
KilmoyleraneZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
KilnagrossZone 3SECAD
Kilnamanagh (Island Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
Kilnamanagh (Mainland Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
KilpatrickZone 3SECAD
KinneighZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
Kinsale RuralZone 3SECAD
Kinsale UrbanZone 3SECAD
KinureZone 3SECAD
KnockroeZone 3SECAD
KnocksZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
KnockskaghZone 3SECAD
LaherneZone 3SECAD
LeighmoneyZone 3SECAD
LisclearyZone 3SECAD
LowertownZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
ManchZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
MealaghZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
MilaneZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLG
MyrossZone 3SECAD
NohavalZone 3SECAD
RathbarryZone 3SECAD
RathclarinZone 3SECAD
RosscarberyZone 3SECAD
RossmoreZone 3SECAD
ScartZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
SeefinZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
SheepsheadZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
ShreelaneZone 3SECAD
Skibbereen RuralZone 3SECAD
Skibbereen UrbanZone 3SECAD
Skull (Island Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
Skull (Mainland Portion Only)Zone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
TeereltonZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGTeerelton
TemplebreedyZone 3SECAD
TemplemichaelZone 3SECAD
TempleomalusZone 3SECAD
TimoleagueZone 3SECADTimoleague
ToormoreZone 2Comhar na nOileán Teo
TullaghZone 3SECAD
WoodfortZone 3SECAD
TeereltonZone 1Avondhu Blackwater Partnership CLGTooms